Gloves Guide

The Gloves, which we produced are fulfilling the requirements of Our customers across the globe and In accordance to EN 420 and EN 388 standards. Tannery, Production and Packing departments together under one roof performing their duties under strict quality considerations. The approval and monitoring of Material color, Thickness, Sizes, Fit, Logos and Packaging is very tightly controlled. We have many of our important gloves tested against many risks and have them CE certified for different categories.

In the production of leather we use only the chemicals from the best European producers Clariant, BASF, Bayer, Stahl, TFL and Zschimmer & Schwarz. All these producers supply the written proof that their products are in accordance with REACH rules or with EU rule concerning the prohibited or limited chemicals in the production process.

Cow: Most popular leather due to its abrasion resistance and attractive appearance
Goat: Soft and very abrasive-resistant. Has high natural lanolin content.
Sheep: Naturally one of the softest leathers and has excellent dexterity. Has the highest tensile strength.

3M Thinsulate™: This is the warmest thin insulation. Even in damp conditions it has the ability to retain its insulation.
Fleece: The most commonly used glove liner, made of napped brushed cotton.
Thermal: A thin cotton or polyester fabric, that helps keep hands warm during winter and cool during summer.
Kevlar: Highly tenacious fibre helps offer resistance, strength, durability and more. Kevlar® is five times stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis.
Cuff Style
Band Top: A band of material sewn to the glove for wrist protection. It is very economical, easy to remove, and has good circulation.
Knit Wrist: Stretchable ribbed knit for a snug fit and helps prevent dirt and materials from getting inside.
Safety Cuff: Generally it is a 2 1/4 - 2 3/4 inch cuff. Provides protection and allows easy movement for the wrist and hand.
Gauntlet Cuff: An extra long cuff, generally it is 4-6 inches. It provides protection for the wrist and the forearm.
Slip On: This is constructed without a cuff. It is easy to slip on and off.
Cuff Material
Denim: Economical single-fabric material.
Leather: Long wearing and most durable.
Plasticized: Waterproof and washable.
Rubberized: Abrasion resistant and water resistant.
Starched: Economical two layers of fabric laminated then starched.

Thumb Style

Straight: Design that points the thumb vertically from the wrist. It is the most economical, and is cut as one piece with the palm.
Wing: The angled construction allows good flexibility; it has no seams on the palm side to obstruct work.
Keystone: Allows the most freedom of movement and is the most comfortable.

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